LTGameJam 2009 - Games


Alpha Freedom Fighter

  • Download game (5.2MB)
  • Download source (2.0MB, Python)
  • Platforms: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Run aff.exe and it should work. 'f' key toggles fullscreen if your screen is too big.
  • Credits:
    Ignas Mikalajūnas / / Programmer
    Povilas Gavorka / / Artist

Our Country was invaded by the enemy forces. Our army has lost the war, and now the forces of the resistance must hide in caves, and use guerilla tactics to combat the vastly superior enemy army. But if we can win this war of attrition - peace and prosperity will come back to our country. All we have to do - is sacrifice everything we have to achieve victory! Load your freedom fighters with explosives and send them to die under the tracks of enemy war machines.

Brown's Motion

  • Download game (3.4MB, Python source included)
  • Platforms: Linux, Windows.
    sudo apt-get install python-pyode python-pyopengl python-pygame
    To run the game, cd into game directory and type python
  • Credits:
    Vytautas Šaltenis / / Programmer

A mock game with stupid obstacles, stupid objectives and (hopefully) fun surprises. Sound is a hard requirement. Written on Linux, successfully tested on Windows, should run on any Python-capable system.

As the name suggests, the game is highly dependant on randomness. In the game screen you will see multiple small objects, moving quickly, disturbing you and getting in your way. You will also see two larger objects. One of them represents the one you can control, the other is your objective to make contact with. Upon contact, funny sounds are your reward. No concept of _score_ as such. *AHEM*

You control your player with hjkl keys: j/k move down/up, h/l move left/right. There are some cheat keys! How well could I have hidden them in Python? :-)

Carry the book

  • Download game (5.5MB)
  • Download source (17.2MB, Unity 2.5 project)
  • Platforms: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Credits:
    Arminas Didziokas, Student,, Artist
    Justinas Vilimas, Student,, Programmer
    Sarunas Ledas, Student,, Artist/Programmer
    Andrius Matijosius, Student,, Artist

Read more books! And return them on time to the library...

Brief Play Description: Carry the book through the library and avoid the mad librarians!

Defcon - Global Rule

  • Download game (2.8MB)
  • Download source (0.5MB, C++ / Visual Studio)
  • Platforms: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Installation Notes: Execute OpenAlInstall.exe (installs OpenAL), play the game.
  • Tomas Dirvanauskas / / Programmer

Use your tank to destroy the enemy's territory, the strongest will survive. P.S Go to Data folder, open config.xml and write 200 in Rocket Field, gives lots of fun :p

Press Enter on the title screen to begin. Use mouse while holding left click or right click to adjust view around tank or planet. Use cursor keys to adjust tank's cannon. Press Space to Fire. The first tank which destroys the enemy's grassy area wins.


  • Download game (3.3MB, Java source included)
  • Platforms: Windows 2000/XP/Vista with Java 1.5 or later
  • Credits:
    Idea/code/design Aleksandras Gluchovas, email:
    Platfrom-glyph 3d model:: Almantas Shykelis

Based on idea of Arkanoid/Break-out game, with a twist that you watch the scene not form third-person, but as if your eyes where placed on the inside of that bouncing ball... When you bounce dizzily around the scene, you have to 'feel' and control the sliding bouncer platform even when it's not in your view...

Controls: [space] - launch the ball ('yourself')
[left arrow] - move platform left, [right arrow] - move platform right
[enter] - toggle view between First-person and Thrid-person
OBJECTIVE: eliminate ALL the enemy widgets off the map of EU :)
Control the ball with the platform just like in classical BreakOut game except that you're watching the whole scene from ball's point of view (map is editable in lavel_1.txt file)

Iron Wolf

  • Download game for Windows (4.7MB)
  • Download game for Mac OS X (10.3MB)
  • Download source (4.2MB, Unity 2.5 project)
  • Platforms: Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS X (Intel/PPC)
  • Credits:
    Renaldas Zioma / Unity Technologies / rej [at] unity3d [dot] com / Code
    Tomas Karpavicius / independent / qarpon [at] gmail [dot] com / 2D & idea
    Povilas Gavorka / / powiliux [at] hotmail [dot] com / 3D
    Zygis Luksas / independent / zygisl [at] / Sound

Lead your Party of a... well, one brave patriotic warrior and another not so brave though affectionate one... through the hand-drawn isometric world of... whatever. Find all the missing parts of... well, the Iron Wolf!. ... btw and you can vanquish some enemies on the way.

Use mouse to show the way for your Hero and aim his arrows. Press "space" to shoot. Protect your big clumsy, but devoted Follower. Use him/her/it to lure out your enemies. Touch buttons to open doors and trapdoors. Collect all missing parts of the Iron Wolf.

Missing Peace

  • Download game for Windows (10.8MB)
  • Download game for Mac OS X (14.8MB)
  • Download source (35.2MB, Unity 2.5 project)
  • Platforms: Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS X (Intel/PPC)
  • Credits:
    Aras Pranckevicius / Unity Technologies / / code & stuff
    Mantas Puida / Unity Technologies / / code & stuff
    Povilas Gavorka / / / 3D
    Tomas Karpavicius / independent / / 2D

Love, peace and nuclear weapons. Or just different countries for that matter. As long as they have each other, they will never run out of problems. Join us in a fabulous journey to destruction or self destruction. Your choice! Hey, you can also learn geography by playing this game. And physics. And probably something else.

Brief Play Description: Two player game. Aim, shoot, destroy. Celebrate.

The Story

  • Download game (0.3MB)
  • Download source (0.3MB, C# / Visual Studio)
  • Platforms: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Credits:
    Julius Trinkunas / Joystick Ninjas / trinkaspam [eta] freemail [dot] lt / Idea, Game Design, Programming
    Tomas Jakubauskas / tomas.jakubauskas [eta] gmail [dot] com / Art
    Andrius Marijosius / marjoshas [eta] gmails [dot] com / Art

They were two and lonely, but then the story joined in.

In the game you control two bubbles: him and her. Use mouse to move them. The closer the mouse is to the bubble, the higher it influences them. Collect items and avoid broken hearts at all costs!

Trouble at the Mexican Border

  • Download game (7.7MB)
  • Download source (8.5MB, C# / Visual Studio)
  • Platforms: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Update the DirectX Runtime. Double click the executable.
  • Credits:
    Almantas Šukelis / / Art and design
    Nerius Vaškevičius / / Programming

You control a well-established Mexican, freely to cross the border between Mexico and USA. However, you have to help your less fortunate amigos to cross the border the easier way and find a better life. You have to do so with consequently increasing crowds while still avoiding the border patrol. Bring as many of your friends over as you can in 5 minutes! People who will be caught or spotted will be deported back South of the border, awaiting your command to try again and bringing more of their pals.

Ze Tanks!

  • Download game (6.6MB)
  • Download source (0.1MB, C++ / Dev-C++)
  • Platforms: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Run oalinst.exe to install OpenAL libraries. Edit settings.cfg file if you want. Run Ze_Tanks.exe.
  • Credits:
    Arvydas Burdulis - engine, programming, art /

Ze Tanks! is a top-down one-player 2D tank fighting game. Your target is to defeat enemy army consisting of 10 tanks. You have 5 tanks, but can control only one at a time. You can change the one you are controlling freely at any moment. The other tanks are controlled by computer.