Of year 2002
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Complete games made at LTGameJam 2002:

And unfinished ones:

Complete games


You fly in a plane and drop bombs on the ground. Task is to kill the terrorists and leave ordinary people alive. You see view from the back of the plane, and can control only the turning (arrow keys) and drop bombs (mouse left).

Download: binary, source.


On the mountain sits a god, and people try to reach him. You must roll them down (so they can't reach him), where they end up in the lakes and drown after some time.

Download: binary, source.

Dilbert vs. Dogbert

A two player networked FPS game. One player plays for Dilberts, another for Dogberts. Each of them runs on his own terrain and tries to shoot the opposite's people. Also there are various good and bad pickups.

Download: binary, source.


The aliens abduct your people, take them away and convert them into gozillas. Your task is to shoot the alien spaceships and try to have at least half of your people within some time period.

Download: binary, source.


You have a planet system to devend from invaders. You fire from the center of the system. Everything is affected by gravity. Your task is to preserve at least 40% of the initial planet system mass, then you're taken to the next level (where are more invaders and they are more "smart").

Download: binary, source.

Politics for the Masses

Two player turn-based game. You control some politicians, which can promise some things to the masses (ordinary dudes). When dude gets the promise it likes, he follows the politician until he reaches him, gives his vote for his party and goes to heaven (dies).

Download: binary, source.

Unfinished games

AntMaster9000 (unfinished)

A two-player-meant-to-be game. Each player has it's anthill with three types of ants (warriors, harvesters and vultures) and one overlord for each kind. You control the overlords (by selecting one with 1/2/3 and clicking on destination with a mouse) and the population of each kind (Y/U/I, H/J/K). Camera is controlled with Q/A/S/X/Z/C/arrows.

Download: binary, source.

Forest (unfinished)

A two-player-network-meant-to-be game. Each player has a tower and must destroy the other. Wood is a resource for building towers, so each can fire fireballs towards the other. Also there should be villages with people, so you could hire them. For now you can only turn on your tower (arrows) and raise/lower the terrain (mouse buttons).

Download: binary, source.

Tapity-Tapity (unfinished)

A two player networked game. Each player can put flags that either attract or push away his units. You put flags with left or right mouse button. Camera is controlled by arrows/Q/A/S/X/Z/C.

Download: binary, source.

Terrorism (unfinished)

Maverick could not attend the whole Jam, so his game is incomplete. For now you can shoot terrorists (smiling suns) with a mouse. Terrorist explodes when killed and kills other guys nearby.

Download: binary, source.

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