Of year 2002
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This event was the first of LTGameJams.

First LTGameJam (2002)

Partly because of laziness, partly for the sake ok simplicity, the main idea of LTGameJam'2002 wasn't anything original - just an IndieGameJam'0 clone (that is, "lots of game units on a terrain").

The event happened on 2002 August 24-25 in Kaunas. There were 11 programmers on 6 computers and they ended up with 6 (more or less) completed games and 4 unfinished ones.

The participants

  • BigtoP - Viktoras Jucikas
  • Maverick - Tomas Jakubauskas
  • NeARAZ - Aras Pranckevicius
  • Oasis - Justas Katkus
  • OneHalf - Paulius Liekis
  • ProNinja - Kestutis Tauckela
  • rtfb - Vytautas Saltenis
  • ReJ - Renaldas Zioma
  • simple - Valdemaras Bucilka
  • TeaMan - Sigitas Limontas
  • Voblia - Ignas Mikalajunas

Also big thanks to our surprise artists (at first we planned to go "programmers art only", but they were at the party and helped us alot):

  • Gizmo - Marius Ivaskevicius
  • Gron - Denisas Akoronka

Some photos (very few, sadly)

Nearly everyone (left to right; top row: NeARAZ, Oasis, rtfb, Voblia, ReJ; bottom row: Teaman, ProNinja, OneHalf, simple):

Misc. stuff:

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