The second LTGameJam 
   2003 May 

The second LTGameJam, the event of intense game programming, has happened on 3-4th May 2003 in Kaunas, Lithuania. 16 programmers created 10 games during these 48 hours, using the engine developed by nesnausk! people.

This time the theme was "physics, cars and stuff" - look at the games to see what we managed to do with it. See the games, screenshots and complete source code via menu to the left.

 The participants   in alphabetical order 

  • Aras Pranckevicius NeARAZ
  • Darius Damalakas DarkCloud
  • Justas Katkus Oasis
  • Justas Sadzevicius yvl
  • Kestutis Tauckela ProNinja
  • Laurynas Ruskys Bilbas
  • Lukas Steiblys imbusy
  • Paulius Liekis OneHalf
  • Renaldas Zioma ReJ
  • Rimantas Simanelis erte
  • Saulius Petrauskas SelFix
  • Simonas Jusas NePo
  • Valdemaras Bucilka simple
  • Viktoras Jucikas
  • Vytautas Leonavicius vyts
  • Vytautas Saltenis rtfb

 Who did it 

This LTGameJam was organized by nesnausk! people. Programming (the engine, game skeleton, editor) was done by Aras Pranckevicius (reusing lots of previous code done by Paulius Liekis, Renaldas Zioma and Valdemaras Bucilka). Initial graphics work was done by Aras Pranckevicius, Kestas Dumbra and Paulius Liekis. See more details at the engine page.

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